The membership year runs from January 1 through December 31 of each year. Persons who make payment from October 1 of the prior year will qualify for Chapter membership until December 31 of the following year.

Please Note: The ACFE requires membership of the ACFE as a prerequisite to full chapter membership. If you wish to be a Chapter member but are not a member of the ACFE, you may join our Chapter as an Affiliate Member (at the same price as non-CFE associate members of the ACFE). Affiliates of the Chapter shall not be, nor represent themselves to be, members of the Chapter, shall have no Chapter voting rights, and shall not be eligible to hold any Chapter office.

Member Dues:

Chapter Member – (Must be a CFE) - $45

Chapter Associate – (Non-CFE & Member of National ACFE) - $55

Chapter Affiliate – (Non-CFE/Not a Member of National ACFE) - $55

Chapter Affiliate – Student – (Full or Part Time w/Student ID) - $35

Annual dues for the OCACFE Chapter do not include annual dues for the National ACFE. Please call 800-245-3321 or visit if you would like to join the ACFE or to obtain your ACFE Membership Number. If you have any questions, please contact us. This membership will be valid from 1/1/2019 until 12/31/2019.

Apply for Membership